Journal History

History of The Student Council on Undergradute Research and Creativity and The Owl.

The Florida State Undergraduate Research Journal (FSURJ) spotlights the remarkable research and creative works being produced by passionate undergraduate students at Florida State University. Devoted to exhibiting the results of intellectual curiosity at the undergraduate level, The Owl accentuates the capacity of Florida State students from all undergraduate disciplines to acquire the finest education in the country.

Launched under the vision and direction of Dr. D. Craig Filar and Dr. Cathy Levenson in the academic year 2009-2010, the first Student Council for Undergraduate Research and Creativity consisted of ten members: Jeremy Bary, Lindsey Davis, Travis Eales, Brian Jirout,
Vincent “Vinnie” LaBarbera, David Mari, Kyle Mauk, Mar- lee McCleary, Gustavo Munoz, and Patrice Williams. Hoping to inspire and motivate fellow undergraduates to pursue research, the first council laid the groundwork for an undergraduate research journal. Crafting a vision for the organization and establishing submission guidelines, the first council, then, selected new members in the spring of 2010.

Both Dr. Filar and Dr. Levenson accepted new responsibilities at Florida State University, allowing Dr. Alec Kercheval and Dr. Kristal Moore Clemons to fill the positions of director and associate director for the Office of Undergraduate Research, respectively. The second council consisted of twelve new and old members: Nowrin Alam, Aviram “Avi” Assidon, William Philip Boyce, Sean Ennis, Vincent “Vinnie” La- Barbera, David Mari, Christopher Matechik, Chelsea Morgan, Tarreq Noori, Stephen Pape, Ekaterina “Katie” Rybakova, Lauren Terpak, and Patrice C. Williams. Securing sponsorship and financial backing from FSU’s Student Government Association, under the patronage of Dustin Daniels, the council initiated the process of crafting Florida State’s only undergraduate research journal, ex nihilo.

This Student Council for Undergraduate Research and Creativity’s call for manuscripts lead to the inaugural publishing of the The OWL, then the fall of 2011 brought with it drastic changes in the editorial board, with Katie Rybakova, Lauren Terpak, and Emeritus Patrice Williams joined by the addition of members Brian Denny, Stephen Fuller, Haley Gentile, Rebekah Landbeck, Norberto Morales, and Lindsay Ogles. Dr. Joe O’shea accepted the role of facilitator and faculty advisor of the council.

The Fall of 2012 brought new changes and new faces to the council, with Katie Rybakova, Brian Denny acting as Co-Editors in Chief with Stephen Fuller, Curtis Gravenmier, Gabriel Glaun, Lindsey Shelton, Natasha Willians, Sean Freeman, and Marilyn Horta also on the council. They worked to again present the Florida State University community with a cross-section of compelling works from the Humanities, Arts and Design, Social Sciences, and STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) through a printed and electronic journal.

In Fall 2013, a completely new concept was brought to the Florida State University community from The Owl. Brought to you by Editor in Chief Katie Rybakova and Design Manager Sean Freeman, it was the first ever special edition of The Owl, released only online. Produced in collaboration with the Department of International Affairs, this edition was the first issue of The Owl ever released in the fall.

The Owl’s Editorial Board for 2013 - 2014, composed of both old and new faces is proud to showcase articles and artists from a variety of fields in this issue. The Editorial Board, joined for the last time by Editor in Chief Katie Rybakova, is excited for what lies in the year ahead, with new challenges and opportunities on the horizon.

Named The Owl, after the original seal employed from 1851 to 1901 by West Florida Seminary, the journal is anchored in the history of our institution, but showcases our beloved university’s brightest minds of today, with a sharp eye to the future. The Owl encompasses the research and creative works of undergraduates from all disciplines.