Food and Agriculture Education: A Framework for the Tallahassee Community

Jaqueline Allegra


This project is focused on improving Environmental Education in Tallahassee, specifically in regards to the Food and Agriculture System. This paper draws on research about environmental education practices as well as issues within the agriculture system to develop an understanding about not only the need for Food and Agriculture Education, but also the ideal ways to engage students, teachers, and the community. The primary research in this study involved qualitative interviews with local community members and educators who are involved in Environmental Education. Themes and issues of the interviews were discussed as a foundation for an educational framework proposal. The framework involves four key elements 1) an online website of relevant content and lessons 2) a networking initiative to connect farmers and community organizations with teachers and students 3) educational opportunities for teachers and other educators 4) a connection between student’s community engagement and classroom success.


sociology, environmental education

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