Two new genera and two new species of Lycaenidae from Papua New Guinea

Chris J. Müller


Two new genera of Lycaenidae, from Papua New Guinea, are described and figured. A new species is described and figured for each; Taxiarchis viridesoltar Müller, n. gen. and n. sp. is known from moderate altitude in West Sepik Province, while Tennenta brandti Müller, n. gen. and n. sp. occurs at high elevations in Enga Province. The former species is provisionally placed within the Upolampes section of Polyommatinae while Tennenta is ascribed to the subfamily Miletinae, tentatively within the tribe Spalgini. Both new taxa are known currently from single female specimens; emphasis is thus placed on their wing shape, pattern and venation, leg structure and female genitalia for classification.


Taxiarchis, Taxiarchis viridesoltar, Tennenta, Tennenta brandti, Papua New Guinea, Lycaenidae, Miletinae, Polyommatinae, taxonomy

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