Taxonomy of the Afrotropical genus Melphina Evans and the description of two new genera: Melphinyet and Noctulana (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae: Hesperiinae, incertae sedis).

T. B. Larsen


Two new genera of Afrotropical Hesperiidae, Melphinyet and Noctulana, are described to receive some of the species currently included in the genus Melphina Evans, to which they do not belong. The type species are respectively Melphina flavina Evans and Parnara noctula Druce. The need to include genitalia and androconial features in the definition of genera is emphasized since this was rarely done when defining the African Hesperiidae genera. The males of all species and a selection of genitalia from the three genera are illustrated.


Melphinyet flavina comb. nov.; Melphinyet statirides comb. nov.; Melphinyet tarace comb. nov.; Melphinyet unistriga comb. nov.; Noctulana noctula comb. nov.; genitalia; androconia

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