On the identity of Potamanaxas andraemon and its relatives, with the description of a new species from Peru (Hesperiidae: Pyrginae: Erynnini).

N. V. Grishin


Analysis of male genitalia, wing patterns and wing shapes suggests that Potamanaxas perornatus Hayward, 1940, reinstated status is a species distinct from P. andraemon (Mabille, 1898); P. andraemon subspecies are species-level taxa: P. fuma Evans, 1953, new status and P. forum Evans, 1953, new status; and the P. fuma type series includes specimens of a new species, which is described herein. Potamanaxas lamasi new species differs from P. fuma by shape of valvae and maculation. A lectotype for Carrhenes andraemon Mabille, 1898 is designated to ensure nomenclatural stability. Primary types of these five species are illustrated with photographs, and a preliminary identification key to males is given.


taxonomy; skipper butterfly; Colombia; The Natural History Museum London; field marks

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