Natural History of Fiji’s Endemic Swallowtail Butterfly, Papilio schmeltzi (Herrich-Schaeffer).

V. Chandra, U. R. Khurma, T. A. Inoue


The wild population of Papilio schmeltzi (Herrich-Schaeffer) in the Fiji Islands is very small. Successful rearing methods should be established prior to any attempts to increase numbers of the natural population. Therefore, we studied the biology of this species. Papilio schmeltzi was reared on Micromelum minutum. Three generations were reared during the period from mid April 2008 to end of November 2008, and hence we estimate that in nature P. schmeltzi may have up to eight generations in a single year.


Papilio schmeltzi; Micromelum minutum; life cycle; larval host plant; developmental duration; morphological characters; captive breeding

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