Butterfly photography in Morocco.

G. O. Krizek


Morocco, on the boundary between the Palearctic and the tropical African zones, supports the richest butterfly fauna in all of North Africa, with 140 species and subspecies. Discussed and illustrated here are 21 species, including two endemics


Anthocharis; Aricia; Autographa; Azanus; Carcharodes; Coenonympha; Colotis; Cupido; Euchloe; Euphydryas; Glaucopsyche; Gonepteryx; Hesperiidae; High Atlas; hostplants; Hyponephele; Lepidoptera; Lycaenidae; Lysandra; Melanargia; Melitaea; Middle Atlas; Nordmannia; Nymphalidae; Pandoriana; Papilionidae; Philotes; Pieridae; Plebicula; Pseudochazara; Pyrgus; Tarucus; Thersamonia; Zegris; Zerynthia; Zizeeria

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