A new species of Dalla from Mexico (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae).

H. A. Freeman


Dalla steinhauseri, new species, is described from three males collected by John Kemner in Oaxaca, Mexico, during May 1990, the elevation varying from 1860-2700m. The closest related species to D. steinhauseri is D. bubobon (Dyar, 1921), known from two males: the holotype from Guerreo, Mexico (Muller Collection, USNM), and a male labelled southern Mexico, Townsend (Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh). This species differs from D. steinhauseri in color pattern, maculation, size and morphology of the male genitalia.


Amblyscirtes; Bolla; Central America; Cypselus; Dalla steinhauseri n. sp.; Enosis; Mylon; Niconiades; Papias; Pyrrhopyge; Remella; South America

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