A chameleon as predator of butterflies and its avoidance of known aposematic species.

T. B. Larsen


The African chameleon, Chameleo dilepis Leach, was observed attacking various butterflies in Botswana. Experiments to determine the unpalatability of various butterfly species are reported on.


Acraea; African; Axiocerses; Azanus; Belenois; Botswana; Byblia; Catopsilia; Coleoptera; Danainae; Danaus; Ethiopian; Hypolimnas; Junonia; Meloidae; Nymphalidae; Orthoptera; Papilio; Papilionidae; Pieridae; predation; Pyrgomorphidae; Reptilia; Satyrinae; Tenebrionidae; Zygaena; Zygaenidae

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