A new species of Syntherata from the Trobriand Islands (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae).

R. S. Peigler


A new species of Syntherata is described and figured. It is a large species, known only from the tiny Trobriand Islands off the eastern end of New Guinea. Information on ecology, hostplants, taxonomy, and zoogeography of the genus is presented.


Actias; Anacardiaceae; Antheraea; Arhopala; Attacus; Aurivillius; Australia; biogeography; camouflage; Casuarinaceae; Ceram; Combretaceae; Copaxa; Danainae; Eacles; Euphorbiaceae; Euploea; Indonesia; island biogeography; hostplants; Lemaireia; Loepa; Lycaenidae; Myrsinaceae; Myrtaceae; New Britain; New Guinea; Nymphalidae; Oleaceae; Oriental; Papuan; Podocarpaceae; Proteaceae; Rhizophoraceae; Rubiaceae; Rutaceae; Saturnia; Southeast Asia; Syntherata naessigi n sp; Tagoropsis

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