Clearwing moths of Baja California, Mexico (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae).

T. D. Eichlin


The 15 known species of Sesiidae of Baja California, Mexico are discussed. Five species are unique to the Baja Peninsula, four of which are described as new species: Melittia faulkneri n. sp., M. gilberti n. sp., Carmenta andrewsi n. sp., and C. erici n. sp. Adults are described, figured and salient features illustrated.


Betulaceae; biology; Carmenta; Carmenta andrewsi n sp; Carmenta erici n sp; Compositae; Cucurbitaceae; distribution; Fagaceae; hostplants; Hymenoclea; Lauraceae; Malvaceae; Melittia; Melittia faulkneri n sp; Melittia gilberti n sp; Nearctic; Neotropical; Paranthrene; Paranthreninae; Penstemonia; pheromones; Platanaceae; Polemoniaceae; Polygonaceae; Rosaceae; Salicaceae; Scrophulariaceae; Sesiinae; Solanaceae; Sophona; Synanthedon; Tinthiinae; Western Hemisphere; Zenodoxus; USA

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