The Malaysian hawkmoths: an annotated and illustrated checklist (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae).

M. Lödl


This preliminary list is based on literature records, on the collection of the Museum of Natural History in Vienna, and on personal investigations of the author: it lists 116 species, with 12 being doubtful for the Malay Peninsula.


Acherontia; Acosmeryx; Agrius; Ambulyx; Ampelophaga; Amplypterus; Angonyx; behavior; Borneo; Callambulyx; Cephonodes; Cechenena; Clanis; Cypa; Daphnis; Daphnusa; Degmaptera; Dolbina; Elibia; Enpinanga; Eurypteryx; Gehlenia; Giganteopalpus; Gnathothlibus; Gurelca; Hippotion; Java; Leucophlebia; Macroglossum; Malay Peninsula; Marumba; Megacorma; Meganoton; Nephele; Oriental; Panacra; Polyptychus; Psilogramma; Rhagastis; Rhyncholaba; Sabah; Sataspes; Smerinthulus; Southeast Asia; Sphingonaepiopsis; Sumatra; Theretra

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