The butterfly faunas of the Kakamega Rain Forest and the Masai Mara Savanna in Kenya, East Africa.

T. C. Emmel, A. D. Warren


Western Kenya supports a rich butterfly fauna in several areas investigated during an August 1991 expedition, including especially Kakamega Forest Reserve northeast of Late Victoria, and Sekenani Camp, adjacent to the border of Masai Mara Game Reserve. This paper reports general observations made on Lepidoptera during an August 1991 expedition to these sites, and includes faunal lists of species encountered.


Acraeinae biodiversity; butterflies; collecting; Danainae; Ethiopia; expedition; Hesperiidae; Libytheidae; Lycaenidae; Madagascar; Nymphalidae; Papilionidae; photography; Pieridae; rain forest; Riodinidae; Satyrinae; savanna; Somalia; Sudan; Tanzania; Uganda

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