Notes on butterfly distributions in southern Costa Rica (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea).

P. R. Ehrlich, H. R. Sparrow, T. D. Sisk, G. C. Daily


Extensions of geographic and/or elevational ranges are given for forty species of Costa Rican Papilionidae, Pieridae, and Nymphalidae. The work is based on studies on the Pacific slope of southern Costa Rica and provides butterfly distributions that expand on those treated in DeVries (1987), Brown (1988), and Austin (1992).


Adelpha; Aeria; Archaeoprepona; Archonias; Caligo; Catoblepia; Catonephele; Ceratinia; Chloreuptychia; Chlosyne; Cissia; Consul; Cyllopsis; Diaethria; Dismorphia; elevation; Epiphile; Eurema; Eurytides; Hamadryas; Heliconius; Hypanartia; Lycorea; Memphis; Mesoamerica; Neotropical; Nymphalidae; Opsiphanes; Panama; Papilio; Papilionidae; Pierella; Pyrrhogyra; Phoebis; Pieridae; Pycina; range extension; Smyrna; trapping; Taygetis; Tegosa

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