Early stages and natural history of Sea sophronia (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae: Eurytelinae).

L. D. Otero


Natural history notes are given for Sea sophronia (Godart) (Nymphalidae: Eurytelinae), covering aspects of behavior, development and descriptive notes of early stages. Plukenetia penninervia (Euphorbiaceae) is reported as the host plant in northern Venezuela. Time of development of 7 field collected eggs was of 32-34 days (eggs = 6 days, larvae = 17-18 days, pupae = 9 days).


biology; Catonephele; Ectima; egg; Eunica; Euphorbiaceae; Hamadryas; Heliconius; hostplant; immature stages; larva; morphology; Myscelia; Neotropical; pupa; South America; Venezuela

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