Caio richardsoni: its immature stages and natural history (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae: Arsenurinae).

K. L. Wolfe, A. Pescador


The previously undescribed immature stages of Caio richardsoni are described and illustrated in color. Larvae were reared in the field and in the laboratory on Ceiba pentandra and Chorisia sp. (both Bombacaceae) and underwent five instars. Se describen e ilustran a colores los estadios inmaduros previamente indescritos de Caio richardsoni. Las larvas fueron criadas en el campo y en el laboratorio, se alimentaron de Ceiba pentandra y Chorisia sp. (Bombacaceae ambas) y experimentaron cinco estadios.


Arsenura; Bombacaceae; chaetotaxy; Costa Rica; Colombia; Dysdaemonia; Guerrero; hostplants; Jalisco; larvae; larval behavior; Mesoamerica; Mexico; Neotropical; Oaxaca; pupae; Sonora; Titaea

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