Immature stages of Exelastis plume moths in Florida (Lepidoptera: Pterophoridae: Platyptiliinae).

D. L. Matthews, D. H. Habeck, B. Landry


Last instar larvae and pupae are described for three plume moths, Exelastis cervinicolor, E. rhynchosiae, and E. pumilio. A key to the known larvae of this legume-feeding genus is given for Florida. The new combination Exelastis rhynchosiae, formerly Stenoptilia, is presented. Comparisons of the immature and adult characters of the three species are discussed to support the new combination.


Adaina; Africa; Arkansas; Asteraceae; Austral Is; behavior; biology; Borneo; Cayman Is; chaetotaxy; China; Compositae; Cuba; distribution; Ecuador; Fabaceae; Fuscoptilia; Galapagos Is; Gentianaceae; Haiti; hostplants; immature stages; India; Jamaica; larva; Leguminosae; Marantaceae; Marasmarcha; Marquesas; Maryland; morphology; Nearctic; New Caledonia; New Guinea; New Jersey; Oxalidaceae; plume moth; Pterophorinae; Puerto Rico; pupa; Ryukyu Is; Samoa; Society Is; Solomon Is; Sphenarches; Stenoptilia; Taiwan; Texas; Tomotilus; USA

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