Nuevo esqueletizador del "Coihue" (Nothofagus dombeyi) en Chile, Basileura osornoensis sp. n. (Lepidoptera: Incurvariidae).

L. E. Parra, H. Ibarra-Vidal


The larva, pupa and imago of Basileura osornoensis n. sp. are described. This incurvariid moth skeletonizes the leaves of southern beech, Nothofagus dombeyi (Mirb.). The species has a univoltine life cycle. The monophyly of the Basileura and Semicauda is sustained by way of the violet metallic luster of the forewings.


Australia; Basileura osornoensis n. sp.; bionomics; Fagaceae; Myrtaceae; Neotropical; Perthida; Protaephagus; Semicauda; South America; taxonomy; Valdivian

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