Butterflies and conservation in the national parks of Thailand.

T. W. Pyrcz


The conservation of natural areas and butterflies in Thailand is discussed. Thailand has one of the largest national park and forest reserve systems in Asia, yet protection is poor, partially due to protective laws favorable to forest exploitation. Several areas in Thailand were visited, producing a varied sample of the rich Thai butterfly fauna.


Amathusiinae; Amathuxidia; Anthene; Appias; Arhopala; Asia; Atrophaneura; behavior; Bhutanitis; Burma; Cambodia; Cepora; Cethosia; China; Cupha; Cyrestis; Danainae; Danaus; Delias; Discophora; Dysphania; Eurema; Euthalia; Everes; Geometridae; Graphium; Hesperiidae; Hypolimnas; Idea; India; Jamides; Labadea; Lamproptera; Lethe; Lycaenidae; Malaysia; mimicry; Neptis; Nymphalidae; Oriental; Pantoporia; Papilio; Papilionidae; photography; Pieridae; Prioneris; Satyrinae; Southeast Asia; Stichophthalma; Tagiades; Tanaecia; Teinopalpus; Troides; Ypthima; zoogeography

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