Calisto tasajera in the Hispaniolan Cordillera Central (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae: Satyrinae).

S. B. Hedges, K. Johnson


Calisto tasajera, a large satyrid butterfly previously known only from its type series, is figured in color from specimens collected recently in remote swamp-grass habitat on Pico Duarte, 1800m. A key including C. tasajera in the lyceia complex of Calisto is provided; voucher material distributed to several museums is listed. Contrasting lowland xerophiles typifying the complex, C. tasajera is montane and mesophilic, its disjunct distribution in the Hispaniolan Cordillera Central apparently reflecting a pattern of fire refugia.


Caribbean; distribution; Dominican Republic; habitat; Neotropical; Pinaceae; West Indies

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