A new Paradirphia from Central America (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae: Hemileucinae).

K. L. Wolfe


Paradirphia rectilineata n. sp. is described from the departments of Ocotepeque in northern Honduras and Metapan in northern El Salvador. It is distinctive from other members of the genus in having a well defined, straight postmedial line on the forewing, and does not appear to be closely related to other known species. It is a montane species associated with cloud forest. Male and female imagines are illustrated in color, their genitalia are figured, known distribution is indicated, and specific characters are discussed.

Se describe Paradirphia rectilineata sp. nov. de los departamentos de Ocotepeque en el norte de Honduras y Metapan en el norte de El Salvador. Se distingue de otros miembros del genero por la linea postmedial recta y bien definida de la ala anterior, y no se muestra estrecho parentezco con otra especie. Es una especie montanez asociada con el bosque neblinoso. Se ilustran a colores el imago de macho y de hembra, se figuran sus genitales, se indica su distribution conocida y se discuten sus caracteres especfficos.


Bolivia; distribution; El Salvador; Guatemala; Honduras; Mesoamerica; Mexico; Paradirphia rectilineata n. sp.; taxonomy

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