A bilateral gynandromorphic Harmaclona tephrantha from Indonesia (Lepidoptera: Tineidae).

D. R. Davis


The external morphology of a bilateral gynandromorphic tineid moth, Harmaclona tephrantha (Meyrick), is discussed. Both male and female sexual characters are approximately evenly divided between the left (female) and right (male) halves of the body, as shown by wing, abdominal, and genital structures. A brief review of the causes of gynandromorphism is provided, along with references to previous publications which discussed the genital morphology of gynandromorphic Lepidoptera.


Abraxas; Asia; Bhutan; Brunei; chromosomes; Diptera; Geometridae; gynandromorph; Harmaclona; homology; Lycaenidae; Micrerethista; Mitoura; morphology; Nymphalidae; Oriental; Pseudatteria; Southeast Asia; Speyeria; Sri Lanka; Sulawesi; Thailand; Tortricidae

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