A new subspecies of Parides gundlachianus from Cuba (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae).

L. R. Hernandez, G. Alayon-Garcia, D. S. Smith


A new subspecies of the endemic Cuban swallowtail butterfly, Parides gundlachianus C. Felder & R. Felder, is described, P. g. alayoi n. subsp., from a western locality, in Pinar del Rio Province. Field observations on the behavior and habitats of these populations and in centers of abundance of the typical insect in eastern Cuba are described. Variation in adult size is recognized as an altitudinal cline. Biogeographical aspects of this and other Cuban papilionids are discussed, and the need for conservation and protection of the western populations is stressed.


altitudinal cline; Araneae; Argentina; Aristolochiaceae; behavior; biogeography; biology; Bolivia; Boraginaceae; Brazil; Caribbean; Compositae; conservation; Cuba; distribution; Leguminosae; Mexico; Papilio; Paraguay; Parides gundlachianus alayoi n subsp; population biology; Reptilia; Verbenaceae; West Indies

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