Theclinae of Rondônia, Brazil: Arcas, with descriptions of three new species (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae).

G. T. Austin, K. Johnson


Three new species of Areas are distinguished among samples of the genus from the lowland tropical rainforest in the western Amazon drainage of central Rondônia, Brazil: Areas magnifica n. sp., Areas viriditas n. sp., and Areas marginata n. sp. Morphological distinctions of the genitalia corroborate superficial differences noted in wing pattern and androconial brands. Samples of other Eumaeini genera from this study area contain numerous examples of new species occurring in sympatry and/or synchrony with more well-known taxa. These afford an opportunity for study of ecological and biological differences separating these taxa.


Amazon; Areas magnifica n. sp.; Areas marginata n. sp.; Areas viriditas n. sp.; cryptic species; Eiseliana; Eumaeini; Heoda; Neotropical; South America; species diversity

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