A new Ormiscodes from Chile (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae: Hemileucinae).

C. Lemaire, L. E. Parra


Ormiscodes penai n. sp. is endemic to Chile, known only from a restricted area between 30°S and 33°S. It is distinct from the other Ormiscodes (sensu stricto not sensu Michener, 1952) by the combination of several superficial characters which are indicated below. Male and female are illustrated, their genitalia are figured and taxonomic relationships are discussed.

Ormiscodes penai n. sp. es una especie endemica de Chile, solo se conoce entre los 30° y los 33° S. Se distingue de las otras especies de Ormiscodes, sensu stricto (no sensu Michener, 1952) por la combination de varies caracteres superficiales los cuales se indican mas abajo. Se ilustran el macho y la hembra, la estructura de la armadura genital, y se discute su relation con otras especies.


Argentina; Chile; Colombia; Dirphia; distribution; Ormiscodes penai n. sp.; South America; taxonomy

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