Hesperiidae of Rondônia Brazil: Eracon and a new related genus, with descriptions of two new species (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae: Pyrginae).

G. T. Austin


Five species of Eracon were encountered near Cacaulândia in central Rondônia, Brazil of which one, Eracon asymmetrica n. sp., is described as new. Cornuphallus n. gen. is proposed as a new genus for Eracon(?) problematica, and Cornuphallus albafascia n. sp. is described from central Rondônia. Male genitalia are illustrated for all species encountered (E. bitemata for the first time). Female genitalia of Eracon have not been illustrated heretofore and those of E. clinias, E. paulinus, and E. asymmetrica are shown.


Argentina; Cornuphallus n. gen.; Cornuphallus albafascia n. sp.; Eracon asymmetrica n. sp.; genitalia; Guyana; Neotropical; Panama; Peru; South America; Surinam; taxonomy

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