Notes on the captive rearing of Pharmacophagus antenor from Madagascar (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae: Troidini).

S. K. Hall, M. Lightowler


The partial life-history of Pharmacophagus anterior is described and its adult behaviour in captivity is discussed. Photographs of the living egg, first and second instar larvae, and pupa are published for the first time. Aristolochia elegans was found to be an unsuitable foodplant, being lethal to the first and second instar larvae.


Africa; Aristolochiaceae; Atrophaneura; biology; birdwings; butterfly houses; eggs; Ethiopian; hostplants; immatures; larvae; Ornithoptera; Pachliopta; Papilionoidea; Parides; pupae;Trogonoptera; Troides

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