Theclinae of Rondônia, Brazil: Olynthus, with descriptions of new species (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae).

G. T. Austin, K. Johnson


Fourteen species of Olynthus (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) were encountered near Cacaulândia in central Rondônia, Brazil. Four of these O. essus, O. punctum, O. fancia, and O. avoca represent known species; ten, O. negrus, O. lividus, O. fulvoventris, O. ochraventris, O. occultus, O. pollens, O. pressus, O. purpuratus, O. ruberangulus, and O. albosignum, are described as new species. Distinctive genitalia readily separate species showing general external similarity. These species fly in the late dry and early wet seasons and there are marked annual differences in abundance.


Amazon; biodiversity; Eumaeini; French Guiana; Goias; Mato Grosso; Neotropical; Olynthus albosignum n sp; Olynthus fulvoventris n sp; Olynthus lividus n sp; Olynthus negrus n sp; Olynthus occultus n sp; Olynthus ochraventris n sp; Olynthus pattens n sp; Olynthus pressus n sp; Olynthus purpuratus n sp; Olynthus ruberangulus n sp; Peru; phenology; South America; Surinam; taxonomy

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