Massive movement of Panoquina sylvicola in southern Ecuador (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae).

G. Onore, V. Cevallos


A large mass of Panoquina sylvicola (Herrich-Schaffer) (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae), accompanied by limited numbers of Siproeta epaphus Latreille (Nymphalidae) and an unidentified species of Aeshnidae dragonfly (Oodnata), were observed moving west to east near Loja, Ecuador, on 18 April 1992. Approximately 100-150 butterflies per minute were counted over a road at 3100m, flying about 18 km per hour against a wind speed of 12 km per hour.


Aeshnidae; behavior; biology; migration; Neotropical; Nymphalidae; Odonata; Siproeta; South America; Urbanus

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