Yponomeutidae of the Galapagos Islands, with description of a new species of Prays (Lepidoptera: Yponomeutoidea).

B. Landry, J. F. Landry


The Yponomeutoid fauna of the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador) comprises two species, Prays galapagosella n. sp. (Plutellidae: Praydiane) and Atteva hysgmiella (Wallengren, 1861) (Yponomeutidae: Attevinae). Atteva monerythra Meyrick, 1926, is synonymized with A. hysgmiella. Atteva hysginiella was reared from Castela galapageia Hooker f. (Simaroubaceae); its genitalia and immature stages are described and illustrated.


Amblothridia; Araliaceae; Atemelia; Atteva; Attevidae; Attevinae; biodiversity; Coleophoridae; Colombia; Cydosia; Depressariidae; Depressariinae; Ecuador; Elachistidae; Eucatagma; Gelechiidae; Gelechioidea; Neotropical; Orinympha; Pepilla; Plutella; Plutellidae; Praydinae; Prays galapagosella n sp; Pseudorinympha; Simaroubaceae; South America; taxonomy; Tortricidae

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