A new species of Pseudocomotis from Costa Rica, including the first reported female of the genus (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae: Chlidanotinae).

J. W. Brown


Pseudocomotis nortena n. sp., is described and illustrated from Costa Rica, bringing to 6 the number of described species in the genus. The new species is the only member of the genus documented from Central America thus far: Pseudocomotis Brown previously was known from Ecuador, Venezuela, and Colombia. A female of the genus is described and illustrated for the first time. The unusual shape of the papillae anales are reminiscent of Monortha Razowski and some species of Auratonota Razowski; the short, stout ductus bursa is unique among Neotropical members of the tribe. Pseudocomotis appears to represent the sister group to Monortha; the monophyly of the genus is demonstrated convincingly by several characters of the male and female genitalia.


Auratonota; biodiversity; Central America; Chlidanotini; Cnephasia; Colombia; Ecuador; Eulia; Mesoamerica; Monortha; Neotropical; Pseudocomotis nortena n. sp.; systematics; taxonomy; Venezuela

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