A new genus of riodinid, with a new species from Panama (Lepidoptera: Riodinidae: Nymphidiini).

J. P. W. Hall, D. J. Harvey


The new genus Archaeonympha n. gen., in the tribe Nymphidiini Bates, 1859, is described for the "drepana Bates, 1868, group" of species formerly included in the genus Theope Doubleday, 1847. A new species in this genus, Archaeonympha smalli n. sp., is also described from Panama.


Adelotypa; Archaeonympha n. gen.; Archaeonympha smalli n. sp.; Brazil; Central America; Chocó; cladistics; Colombia; Comphotis; Costa Rica; Ecuador; morphology; Neotropical; Peru; South America; taxonomy; Theope; Trinidad

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