Hesperiidae of Rondônia, Brazil: Anastrus and Tosta, with descriptions of two new species (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae: Pyrginae).

G. T. Austin


The pyrgine genera Anastrus Hübner, 1824, and Tosta Evans, 1953 (Hesperiidae), found in the vicinity of Cacaulândia in central Rondônia, Brazil, are discussed and illustrated. Two new species, Anastrus virens n. sp. and Tosta capra n. sp., are described. Taxonomic comments and comparisons with material from other areas are made in some instances.


Anastrus virens n sp; ants; Argentina; Bolivia; Central America; Colombia; Costa Rica; Echelatus; Ecuador; Formicidae; Guatemala; Hymenoptera; Mexico; Neotropical; Peru; South America; symbiosis; taxonomy; Tosta capra n sp; Venezuela

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