The biology of Batesia hypochlora in an Ecuadorian Rainforest (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae).

P. J. DeVries, C. M. Penz, T. R. Walla


Notes on the adult population biology and early stages of Batesia hypochlora are presented for the first time. The general natural history, population abundance, warning coloration, behavior, geographical distribution and hostplant use of Batesia hypochlora is discussed. Notes on the taxonomic relationship of Batesia and Panacea are also provided.


Amazon; Batesia; Bolivia; Brazil; Caligo; Callicore; Catonephele; Colombia; ecology; Ecuador; Epiphile; Euphorbiaceae; fruit-feeding nymphalids; hostplants; immature stages; larvae; life history; Neotropical; Nessaea; Panacea; Peru; population biology; pupae; seasonally; South America; warning coloration

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