Revision of the Neotropical genus Micrelephas (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae: Crambinae).

B. Landry


The Neotropical genus Micrelephas Dognin (type species, Micrelephas crassipalpis Dognin) is redescribed and redefined to include Diptychophora pictella Schaus, Argyria kadenii Zeller, as well as four new species, M. chalybeus, M. gaskini, M. pseudokadenii and M. helenae. A lectotype is designated for Diptychophora examinalis Meyrick which is synonyraized with M. pictella, and for Argyria kadenii Zeller. The caterpillar of M. pictella bores the bark of Hyeronima alchorneoides Allemao (Euphorbiaceae).

Se redescribe y redefine el género neotropical Micrelephas Dognin (especie-tipo, Micrelephas crassipalpis Dognin) y se incluyen Diptychophora pictella Schaus, Argyria kadenii Zeller, y cuatro especies nuevas: M. chalybeus, M. gaskini, M. pseudokadenii y M. helenae. Se designa un lectotipo para Argyria kadenii Zeller y para Diptychophora examinalis Meyrick, un sinonimo de M. pictella. La larva de M. pictella es un barrenador de la corteza de Hyeronima alchorneoides Allemao (Euphorbiaceae).


Argyria; Argyriini; Diptychophora; Diptychophorini; Crambidae; Crambini; Crambinae; Euphorbiaceae; INBio; Micrelephas chalybeus nsp; Micrelephas gaskini nsp; Micrelephas pseudokadenii nsp; Micrelephas helenae nsp; Neotropical; Pyralidae; Pyraustinae; South America; taxonomy

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