A new species of Epimorius feeding on Bromeliaceae in Costa Rica (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae: Galleriinae).

M. A. Solis


Epimorius maylinae n. sp., reared from Werauhia gladioliflora (Wendland) (Bromeliaceae) in Costa Rica, is described. The pupa is also described and compared to the pupa of Epimorius testaceellus Ragonot, a species which also has been reared from Bromeliaceae. Athaliptis Schaus, described from Costa Rica, is newly synonymized with Epimorius. Epimorius cymonia Schaus, n. comb., is the type species of Athaliptis and is reported for the first time from Pitcairnia sp. (Bromeliaceae). Other galleriines reared from Bromeliaceae are discussed.


Alpheias; Athaliptis; biology; Bromeliaceae; Cacotherapiini; Central America; Epimorius maylinae nsp; Genopaschia; hostplants; immatures; Mesoamerica; Neotropical; Panama; pineapple; pupa; Tirathabini; taxonomy

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