A review of the genus Mycalesis in the Solomons Archipelago, with descriptions of seven new taxa (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae: Satyrinae).

W. J. Tennent


Butterflies of the satyrine genus Mycalesis Hübner, 1818 from the Solomons Archipelago are assessed in the light of recent field work and material contained in major museum collections. Confusion in the nomenclature of Solomon Islands Mycalesis is discussed and resolved. M. splendens splendens is restricted to Treasury Island, M. interrupta is raised to species status, and the following seven new taxa are described: M. richardi sp. nov., M. biliki sp. nov., M. splendens versicolor ssp. nov., M. splendens guadalcanalensis ssp. nov., M. splendens magnificans ssp. nov., M. splendens lenebrosus ssp. nov., and M. interrupta woodsi ssp. nov.


biogeography; distribution; Mycalesis biliki n sp; Mycalesis interrupta woodsi n ssp; Mycalesis richardi n sp; Mycalesis splendens guadalcanalensis n ssp; Mycalesis splendens magnificans n ssp; Mycalesis splendens versicolor n ssp; Mycalesis splendens tenebrosus n ssp; Oceania; taxonomy

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