Three new species of Symmachiini from Panama and Colombia (Lepidoptera: Riodinidae).

J. P. W. Hall, D. J. Harvey


Three new species in the riodinid tribe Symmachiini, Symmachia satana n. sp., Lucillella splendida n. sp. and Esthemopsis talamanca n. sp., are described from Panama and Colombia. The male of Symmachia praxila Westwood is illustrated, and the taxon returned to species rank (stat. rev.); L. pomposa Stichel is also raised to species rank (n. stat.).


androconia; Boyacá; Central America; Chiriquí; Chocó; cloud forest; Colombia; Colón; Costa Rica; endemism; Esthemopsis; Esthemopsis talamanca n sp; Lucillella; Lucillella splendida n sp; Mesoamerica; Neotropical; Panama; Puntarenas; South America; Symmachia; Symmachia satana n sp; taxonomy

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