A novel organ and mechanism for larval sound production in butterfly caterpillars: Eurybia elvina (Lepidoptera: Riodinidae).

M. A. Travassos, P. J. DeVries, N. E. Pierce


Eurybia elvina larvae produce substrate-borne vibrations by grating a cervical membrane studded with teeth against hemispherical protuberances scattered along the surface of the head.


Alesa; ants; Arhopala; behavior; Central America; Eurybiini; Formicidae; hostplants; Hymenoptera; immature stages; Jalmenus; larvae; larval behavior; Lemoniadini; life history; Lycaenidae; Marantaceae; Mimocastnia; Mesoamerica; morphology; myrmecophily; Neotropical; Nymphidiini; Panama

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