Revision of Cyllopoda (Lepidoptera: Geometridae: Sterrhinae: Cyllopodini).

D. S Lewis, C. V. Covell Jr.


Morphological taxonomic techniques were used in the review of the genus Cyllopoda, leading to: four new synonymies, Cyllopoda versicolor of Cyllopoda breviplaga, Cyllopoda claudicula catabathmus of Bombyx claudicula, Cyllopoda ovata and Cyllopoda protmeta eurychoma of Phalaena osiris; resurrection to species level of Phalaena osiris; use of new combinations Cyllopoda osiris osiris and Cyllopoda osiris protmeta; designation of a neotype for Phalaena osiris; designation of lectotypes for Cyllopoda angusta, Bombyx claudicula, Cyllopoda claudicula catabathmus, Cyllopoda puta, and Chrysauge postica; and designation of paralectotypes for Cyllopoda angusta, Bombyx claudicula, Cyllopoda puta, and Chrysauge postica.


lectotype; neotype; new combination; paralectotype; synonym

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