A revision of the red-brown caberine geometrids of the southeastern United States (Geometridae: Caberini).

D. C. Ferguson


Seven species of the ennomine tribe Caberini in the southern United States are revised and assigned to four genera; namely, Ilexia, n. gen., Parilexia, n. gen., Covellia, n. gen., and Episemasia Hulst, 1896. Parilexia antilleata and Covellia procrastinata are described as new species. Other taxonomic changes or actions include: three type species designations; referral of 20 previously proposed names for neotropical species to the new genera as new combinations; three instances of new synonymy; four instances of revised status, these being species removed from synonymy and reinstated as distinct species; and designation of three lectotypes. An identification key is provided for seven red-brown species of Caberini in the eastern United States; and the larvae of Ilexia intractata (Walker, [1863]) and Episemasia solitaria (Walker, 1861), both reared on American holly, Ilex opaca Aiton (Aquifoliaceae), are described for the first time.


Caribbean Geometridae; new taxa; larvae; host plants; American holly

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