A new species of Eretis (Lepidoptera; Hesperiidae) from Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

T. B. Larsen, M. J. W. Cock


Eretis artorius sp.nov. is described as new from Kakamega Forest, western Kenya, and other specimens are reported from Uganda and Rwanda. It is compared with other species of the genus that co-occur or are likely to co-occur within this range. Living and pinned adults are illustrated. The male genitalia are illustrated and compared with those of Eretis vaga Evans and E. rotundimacula Evans.


Hesperioidea; Pyrginae; Celaenorrhinini; Kakamega Forest; Eretis artorius sp. nov.; Eretis vaga; E. herewardi; E. rotundimacula; E. melania; Emitiana; E. camerona; E. lugens; Justicia flava; abdominal ventral hair fringe

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