Two new subspecies of Mycalesis terminus Fabricius, 1775, from the islands of Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea (Lepidoptera, Satyrinae).

J. W. Tennent


Based on a large number of specimens of Mycalesis terminus (Fabricius, 1775), collected by the author in 2010-2012, the distribution of this species on the islands of Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea, is discussed. Two new subspecies are described; M. t. jacobyi ssp. n., from Woodlark and the eastern Louisiade Archipelago, and M. t. mitchelli ssp. n., from the Amphlett group, north of the D’Entrecasteaux Islands. A map is provided of the distribution of M. terminus in Milne Bay.


Lepidoptera; Satyrinae; Mycalesis terminus; new taxa; Papua New Guinea; Milne Bay Province islands

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