Immature stages of Anthanassa texana seminole (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae).

J. R. Watts, D. H. Habeck


The immature stages of Anthanassa texana seminole (Skinner) in Florida are described. Eggs and larvae were collected on Justicia ovata (Walt.) Linau. There are five larval instars and development at 28°C from egg hatching to adult emergence averaged 22 days. Small but consistent differences between larvae of A. t. texana and A. t. seminole occur in coloration, length and number of secondary setae on the head and stemmatal arrangement.


Acanthaceae; Asteraceae; biology; life history; Compositae; Eresia; Florida; Hymenoptera; larva; life history; Nearctic; parasites; Phyciodes; Scrophulariaceae; Texas; Trichogramma; Trichogrammatidae; USA

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