Three new species of Artines Godman, 1901 from Central and South America (Hesperiidae: Hesperiinae: Moncini)

Diego R. Dolibaina, Andrew D. Warren, Eduardo Carneiro, Olaf H. H. Mielke


Three new species of Artines Godman, 1901 are described: Artines maya A. Warren & Dolibaina sp. nov. from Mexico, Belize and Guatemala; Artines
steinhauseri Dolibaina & A. Warren sp. nov. from eastern Ecuador; and Artines mirnae O. Mielke, Dolibaina, Carneiro & A. Warren sp. nov. from Brazil (Piauí,
Maranhão and Mato Grosso). Taxonomic comments, images of the adults and illustrations of the genitalia are provided for the new taxa. Additionally, in order to
characterize these new species, taxa with similar wing patterns are illustrated and discussed, including A. rica Steinhauser & Austin, 1993, A. fosca Evans, 1995
and A. acroleuca (Plötz, 1884).


Belize, biodiversity, Brazil, butterfly, Cerrado, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, skipper, taxonomy

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