The Corkscrew Moths (Lepidoptera, Geometroidea, Sematuridae) of Trinidad and Tobago

Matthew J. W. Cock


Two similar, sexually dimorphic species of Sematuridae are found in Trinidad: Mania lunus (Linnaeus) and M. empedocles (Cramer). Only the former is recorded from Tobago. Male and female adults and the male genitalia of both species are illustrated and diagnostic features are provided. Information on their occurrence in Trinidad and Tobago is summarised. The applicability of the diagnostic features beyond Trinidad is considered, and as a result, Lars empedoclaria Hübner, the type species of Mania Hübner, 1821, is reinstated as a junior subjective synonym of M. lunus, revised status.


identification; Mania lunus; Mania empedocles; Mania empedoclaria; Sematura; Nothus

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